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Brapp Beat by @charlieb: "Darkest Bass"

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deadott yes man!!!

kaynashar Respect my bro

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charlieb nice one mate. Let me know if you want me to send you some beats to record some bars on.

marston @charlieb easy brother , I’m all over that , you on insta bro?

charlieb Just messaged you

samthomas Some fire this

marston @samthomas thank you brother

marston @samthomas thank you brother n thanks for repost , bless up

dirtybuckle Dope Beat. Dope flow! Well done.

marston @dirtybuckle thank you brother, bless up

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bigrema Woking

charlieb Yeah mate.

bigrema Safe Bro :)

samthomas On this like!

charlieb @rema I’m in dorking. Not far from you. Let me know if you want to collaborate on some stuff. Would like to work with you on this one if you’re keen.

charlieb @samthomas you gonna put something on this one Sam?

bigrema Yo Charlie, safe man my email is or msg me on insta @bigrema

samthomas @charlieb 100% bro

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charlieb Nice one.

pridez @charlieb sick beat bro

microdotcotton @charlieb hard as fuck beat

charlieb @pridez @microdotcotton cheers boys

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