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Brapp Beat by @starkey: "Ultraviolet"

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theelementz @starkey my homie!

mcjumanji Tryna make a collab.. Whats the plan for these beats?

starkey This one is a clip of a tune I made this summer. The other one was just something I made yesterday to throw up on here.

starkey What's up guys @theelementz ! Been a minute.

funtcaseuk Mad beat!!!

starkey Thanks man @funtcaseuk

jyager @starkey broooooo this is sick..

starkey Thanks @jyager

viking Oi oi!!! LiveO!

yakari94 stunningg damnn

Videos on Ultraviolet

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nikimukhi Yes @bamalam ! ... If you want to upload beats you can do it by pressing the Upload button that is on the top right of your home feed (via Dropbox or Google Drive)... or from your computer using the site

bamalam Ok thanks! @niki2balls also does that then make the beats public access or just usable on your account??

kingpin Also if you record using solo function there's no music attached to the recording... So you can have a beat playing out you own stereo.. If ta get me

bamalam @kingpin perfect thanks!

nikimukhi Hey. All beats that are uploaded to Brapp are open for anyone to perform on

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Beat by starkey
#americangrime MC Jumanji repping Miami


jyager Big up brother... Big

kutz @mcjumanji goin in bruh!