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Brapp Beat by @trip_hakksaww: "Dr. Me"

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Out my face,
Beat by trip_hakksaww
First brapp. I plan to upload a bunch of my instrumental beats too. Hope ya like this lil ting i just put together.... read more


penfoldpoet Jeeze

sosouthern Crazy voice

ta_ma_ra BOOM!!! Issy great voice

elohimreem dope dope dope!!!

lepero woooooow !!!!

tupac Really good voice

kusht Wow

pheobedoesit I love it #love

isyisybeats @pheobedoesit thanks gorgeous! Hey go into the search bar, then you will see "suggested users" and start following a few profiles and listening to their beats xxxx good way to source out tracks xxx

26beats @issybmusic