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Brapp Beat by @adibanti: "Octodad"

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nikimukhi You are actually a Badman its pav @foreignbeggars hollering from my bro's account

adibanti Safe man!! You obviously are too. ;)

foreignbeggars @storminmc

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nikimukhi Jumeirah Road

nikimukhi @dyna sup baby

dyna @nikimukhi @foreignbeggars Pow pow pow!!!!!

adibanti Live bars!!!!

skitz That fuckin made me laugh bro..

bess Yaya!!

tinks Brill-i-ant!! Made me smile, playing on repeat on my way home tonight. Love xx

troublebcn #jumeiraRdsquad


johaslett Ohhhhkay! love to nik! #foreignbeggars

johaslett Love this brapp!

adibanti There are plenty more beats where that cane from xx

elbs Haha pavvvvvvv

hoyx Best!

flack Fyahhh fam