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Videos on '94 Steez by deadott

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renzeeno Portway Primary School

East End Alien
Beat by deadott
New clip but old bars. #brapp is a good way to out all those spare bars lol #uk #london #grime #rap #east


deadott Heavy bars, big up man

renzeeno @deadott love bro the beats firre i had to pattern it!

eightysix Yeah BIG.



deadott @renzeeno lemme know if you wanna record on this beat and i'll send it over

renzeeno Love for the feedback ppl! Nuff respect. And DeadOtt il shout you if anything my g

g3nes12 Yes Renz

cyphercircuit Great job

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deadott BOOOOM!!!!

louisjwalker This is so good.

giofal big

raad Bro

slowz Yea g

craftamus This is big