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Brapp Beat by @medikayshun: "You Don Kno"

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smod love it so happy lolz

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psyke Cheers to @medikayshun for dope beat!

medikayshun Murked it mate 👊🏼

psyke Haha Cheers bro!

psyke Is there a full version of this beat @medikayshun

medikayshun @psyke I only just made it as a general beat, there isn't a hook change or anything, get at me at if you want to chat about it

danieldan Would love to hear a full track 😀

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shamsawy Berlin

nikimukhi Yooo!! 👊🏽👊🏽

shamsawy @nikimukhi One love 🙏🏽

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medikayshun Bodied it bro, haha yeah that drop is a right bitch 😂 Big up @dotz for lookin 👊🏼

dotz @medikayshun haha got it in the end 😜 safe g

ruffriderinnit Your flows and rhymes are sick mate 🔥

dotz @Ruffriderinnit mad love! I've got tons of free music

mcase fuck yes, you caught the drop bro!

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