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Brapp Beat by @deadott: "Doom Merchant"

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kinetiks What!!! Oh yes

kinetiks This is my beat

deadott @kinetiks hyped to hear what you come up with man

soulsinger21 Real gritty. Definitely a banger.

deadott @soulsinger21 cheers big man, would sound dope with some soulful vocals!

soulsinger21 @deadott I will be making a video for this very soon

nikimukhi Yess

Videos on Doom Merchant

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thesoulsinger East Harlem

deadott Dopeness

thesoulsinger @deadott Thanks

da_ruff_poet You kilt that!! ima write a little something to compliment yours

thesoulsinger @da_ruff_poet Thanks man. Can’t wait to hear it.

nikimukhi Yes!!

marston This is dope

thesoulsinger @marston Thanks


djvadim Love to record dome proper use wid u king! Holla if u hav time . Grown man BIz . Soul ish

thesoulsinger @djvadim Sounds like a plan


thesoulsinger @nonsprod Thanks

theblackberd Siiiick! Not what I was expecting.. <3


deadott @soulsinger21 over 1000 views bruv!! We gotta make a real record outta this one!

thesoulsinger @deadott No doubt I’m down man

deadott @soulsinger21 whats your email, i'll send the full beat over for you to write to

thesoulsinger @deadott

justnice this shit tough

thesoulsinger @loudboynice Thanks

dimasss Amaizing

viralpunk Hard!

keepitup wtf, this is awesome, man!

thesoulsinger @keepitup Thanks. Appreciate that.

thesoulsinger @viralpunk Thanks

thesoulsinger @dimasss Thanks