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Brapp Beat by @ded_tebiase: "straight out the mpc."

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straight out the mpc.
soz if the mix is all over the place...... dubbed this straight out the mpc. if you can tell me where i sampled the... read more


djevidenz yeah vibez

ruderalis Sounds like funkdoobiest

ruderalis Brv let me get a beat for a project with Mongo an Mankub - don't usually beg it - but I need at least one boom bap joint . U said you would a while back now ....

ruderalis @ded_tebiase

mrconcept love the old school. nice beat man

metasin Early 90's NYC feel, dope!

Videos on straight out the mpc.

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mskal béné......

brappfr #BrappFrance

maxta Lourd

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