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Brapp Beat by @ded_tebiase: "you know what?"

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joecain Dope!🔥

challis_uk Nice!

jayeff This beat is freeesh man!

Videos on you know what?

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starseedbeats Nice flow

geebag dope

ruderalis Safe bro @geebag

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hollyflo Sam! It's been a while!

savagehenry Holly! It has been ages!! You popped up in my brapp email, crazy!! Your stuff is awesome, should probably get you on a track I reckon! If you're up for it that is?

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Bristol 2 Berkshire
Beat by ded_tebiase
Big up @dedtebiase on the beat shout out the original microphone champion @geebag


mkozi yeezus the shouter

harvsletoad Yuh yuh !! 💥🔥

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geebag Can't forget the fam!