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Brapp Beat by @deepstar: "Deepstar Upcoming Works 2"

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deepstar The real release of this now features Iron Braydz of Triple Darkness, show me your rhymes if you want to get on.

deepstar Track closed.

therealrymie So does that mean I can't use rap to it bro as I jus made a video to it

viking You've got them style beats!!!

deepstar Thanks a lot bro @viking

Videos on Deepstar Upcoming Works 2

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therealrymie @deepstar check this out bro

slowz Goin in G!

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themez #broken£nglish #ironbraydz #parky #foreignbeggars all the headddZ

silverback all the heads


phizikgarm Sickkkk!!!

phizikgarm @mchedge

freshtodeath HARD!!!

missmiakang Woooooooooooo

ayahmarar Dope

dosgringos Dopeness

waxyleeds Harddd

boomsy Jeeeezzz fire right here

sonnyjim I fucks with this

im_floki theme back at it dun know!!!!!!

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disguys Cool place just where Redchurch St meets Bethnal Green Rd, right right?

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