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Brapp Beat by @blair_jacob: "'ARIA'"

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djevidenz Yes man

blair_jacob @djevidenz - Was on a chilled tip with this one.

elhawk Soooo heat!! I'm just finishing a project that this would beat would be perfect for..would you be interested in workin on somethin?

blair_jacob @elhawk - For sure. Im always looking to collaborate.

elhawk beauty! I'm in the sttudio ealry this week to record.. can you send it to ill shoot you over the first mix to see if you're stil down with it

blair_jacob @elhawk - all sorted. Just 'We Transferred' the stems and a reference demo to the email. Have a good sess

raad dope

Videos on 'ARIA'

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elhawk Toronto


penfoldpoet Bars!

bigwhytetee Dopest bars


blair_jacob @elhawk - resent the stems. Enjoy!

elhawk @blair_jacob sweet bro I'll be in the studio Sunday.

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blair_jacob Yeahhh - Fire


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