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Brapp Beat by @illinformed: "Who Sain"

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oab mAd as a bag of 25i!!

xanasoulsearchr Dope

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oozhe banggg

dotz @Oozhe safe g I need to hop on one of your beats soon on here

oozhe @dotz all good g! illy got that illy all day!!

foreignbeggars yes yes

grizzygram FLAMES FLAMES !!!!! OH MANZ

mrchisti Oi oi! Sick

dotz @foreignbeggars @grizzygram @mechisti blessss!

mskal huge

illinformed clackclack!

illinformed clackclack!

illinformed clackclack!

dotz @mskal thanks g! And @illinformed big up fam

vicebeats yes bruv!


beatcotheque nailed it

trauma74 I recognise you....Ill bro.

samthomas Toooo sick!

fenixprod Bro, bro. You are fire and MC! Respect from Lithuania! FIRE

banshee You’re savage. AMAZING !!x


lilsmooth Follow my account for beats every beat just ask

doclee Damn kid! Merkd that shit!!!

milliebee Ayyyyeee

unhumn Dayummm

k_muns Wussup mane that was fire. Is this a rap battle app or just like freestyles???

yazuneh Damn bro this was hard!

coldcarrotbeats Nice man, for real!

bigrema nice

soullifted Check my beat out on my page this was dope

chrish Check my beat

sontwisted lyrical

senib cheeeeseeeess

optimusrhymes Nice!

clinic Yoooo bars

stillg Dope

bkplayer sick

primatebeat Phat bro


francoisreinke Fire Bro



dj12 Cool

loganrcooke This sounds like an uk Wu Tang

obizzle buzzin

retro DOPE

riodabeatmonsta good shit.....y’all check my beats out....let me hear ya on them

demolee bro!

swarm2cb dope

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docteej Pembroke Dock
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illinformed sick g!

zicoofficial Bless up! Thanks for the love!

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lilsmooth Follow my account for beats every beat just ask

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Boombap Fest Comp.
Beat by illinformed
@boombapfestival big up Ivan and all the team here's my submission for the competition big up @illinformed on the... read more


djivan6 Boom bada bing.


insight Big up ya sen Ash! Fire.

mnsrfrites Good shit mayne

jayelflex Nice one !! Check my prod "Outsidaz Boom Bap Fury" :)

mystero Natural born Spitta

nebula_beatz Headshoot

helzs Keep up the good work dude

sparkmadizm Easy geez

pyne Dope

bigsmokinjoe sick mate! good luck with it

curtcataract Gwarn!

harvsletoad My don .. Be good to meet u @ the Southampton gig .. Good luck wid this ting

ashtheauthor Big up yourselves peeps!

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bigsmokinjoe You had me at Roddy Piper son

cosm Cheers man big up lol

cosm @bigsmokinjoe ^^^

bigsmokinjoe They Live was sick and yeh RIP innit....

cosm Yea man @bigsmokinjoe shit was crazy!! Funny thing was I recorded this and he was on to this morning on undercover boss lol

bigsmokinjoe NO!! Gwan Roddy!! hahhahaa! Yo, @cosm just flicked through the other Brapps, al lfire Sir! Salute!!

cosm Big up man appreciate it

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sofaking Fuck sakes GIZZA!

stjude4d Big up Giz

nikimukhi BIGG!

jazzychavo thats hiphop!

nebula_beatz YOyoyoyo

illinformed fiiiiyyyyyaah!!

bigsmokinjoe YES!!

eightysix BIG

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dangerous blues part 2
Beat by illinformed
#boombapfestival #competition #bars #Emba #atx download t.p.o.h from nowwwww peace n luv


3mb4 @boombapfestival

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lrd Dope

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