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Brapp Beat by @djlethalskillz: "| OOOH | BRAP EDIT |"

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joshuadavid Sick yo!


da_ruff_poet I’m on it

djlethalskillz @da_ruff_poet Ohh snappp! been a min lookin so forward for the kill! Braaaaaaaap

Videos on | OOOH | BRAP EDIT |

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djlethalskillz @joshuadavid Bringin more heat! Kudos

joshuadavid @djlethalskillz I appreciate that yo! God bless man! Keep dropping them boom bap heaters

sturje This is sick! @joshuadavid

joshuadavid @timeoutbeats good look!!!

joshuadavid @sturje thank you yo! One Love!

sop So on point bro