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Brapp Beat by @bigshamu: "I Get High"

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nikimukhi Always

bigshamu Dope

jeaniusbeats I love it!!

arem My god! what a voice! :D


macka Beautiful... fire to ma ears ...much love from Germany

navas1215 Amazing!

olghank Oh wow! thank you all so much! I appreciate it fr!

olghank Optional("")@bigshamu thanks man!



kylenmusic Yoooo. This is FIRE

sali_pmc Raaaah this is sick

kozyan22 Огонь малышка

maskamilla @olghank this one spoke to my soul

killerc Let it all out true soul

indexindo Jheeeze

sinzae i feel in love with the looks and the voice oh my.

latenightkungfu Feeeeeeel this

dskyz Would love to work with you that’s an ama

dskyz @dskyz amazing, special talent you’ve been gifted.


nevermind78 You have talent & spunk girl!! Love the beats & your vocals. We need more positive influences & to hear more encouraging wordsit’s infectious keep burning bright

deny sublime

deny sublime

ronnygambino Wow u got the voice!

shammagic So COOL !!!

enterthelab That voice hits me deep. Keep on

kwenubeats Sheesh!

plutomarz Deep message! And that voice.. beautiful

kissfist Oh WOW... by far my favorite talent on Brapp so far. Blessed!

b4cani OMG.. that was great deep soul


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southernquill Chicago

marston That’s perfect

southernquill @marston the West Tn native in me LOVES some good blues

marston @southernquill you have a gift

southernquill @marston much appreciated... just trying to live my purpose and be a light

notesproducer Mieow

joe_seeds Luvin this!

bigshamu Some voice

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steel Kyiv
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bigshamu Love this fam!

daruffpoet @bigshamu Salute brother beat is ridiculous

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I get high freestyle
Beat by bigshamu
Big up the beat producer glasgow to england uk linkup


bigshamu Keep them frees coming man big ups

marston @fatdec dope brother @bigshamu banger

fatdec @marston thanks brother