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Brapp Beat by @j2s: "J2S - Exact"

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User @j2s's avatar

skamma Yes bro you on Facebook?

j2s @skamma ye bro "jack scaz"

zico This is a banger! You got a download for this?!?

j2s @zico not yet brother!

Videos on J2S - Exact

User @snow667's avatar

j2s Yes bro, sick

jwalks Sick bro make sure you smash that and leave a king

User @foreignbeggars's avatar
foreignbeggars Dalston

j2s An this ones lively albalalalalala you boss, big!! respect

p739 dope

skamma Bossy

3000bass Oi Oi Oi! Go on son!!

boneintell Crazy flow!!!

newancients Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrapp!!!

physiks 'You man share an arrears'

akem_manah Yoooooo this is madness

chrismunky sick, Pav

sosouthern Muad

renzeeno Ayyyye my g!!! Fire

unbalanced Serious!

eightysix KILL KILL

dhuz No words for ALL your works!!! And Thanks for the the web and the add!!

nebula_beatz !!

orkeztra mental style!

planky Nawty !!

snoopydubz baaaadddd

lunarplex Raas! Puttin it down for the airwaves

ludwigvandub booom

User @natonortheast's avatar
natonortheast Newcastle upon Tyne

j2s Haha yes bro big! Respect

rdoubleo Buuuzin