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Brapp Beat by @gwop: "FUNNY"

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HIP HOP PRODUCED BY GWOP SULLIVAN™ #hip hop #90s #era #golden #boom #bap #style #hip #hop... read more


dirtybuckle Dope as always!

cobbler7s yeeeeee

raad Yeah this a jam 👊💯

illuminative bumpy shizz

graziella 🙌🏽

Videos on FUNNY

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graziella London

graziella @brapp @foreignbeggars @singers

gwop YES MAAM !!!!! DOPE !!!

cliche Wow

penfoldpoet YeahYeahahhaa

graziella @gwop yes sir!!! Thanks to you tho

alphamemphis omg! this is amazing

graziella @legionclan yay thankyou...

graziella @alphamemphis thankyou!! Xxxx

kinspiffeyjr Dope I love your voice. Ever need any tracks please do reach out #yesmaam

incursive Perfect synergy

graziella @kinspiffeyjr thanks yo! Xxx

graziella @incursive super thanks and super flattered

david_amelei This is to much

eightysix ✊🏾👊🏾

eternal510 ay awesome vocals really loving the vibe of the song

mrpopechicago Hey, can I get your email? I would love to send you a song that I'm recording to see if it fits your style

sombrehero wonderful voice

tanqueraylocc Beautiful voice!

davedoggatkins supa you on one of my beats...for shizzzz x

davedoggatkins hi

rratedmuzik Talented

ac_pro90 you are the type of artist i have been looking for

denorthwode on fleek


_chillmode_ @graziella very nice

timeoutbeats Niceeeee

atlasbass Amazing voice, tchek this :)

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beeunreal Birmingham

raad 👊🔥

gwop DOPE !!!!!

blair_jacob YEEAAAAHHHHH

dondeezypgh nice voice!!!

beeunreal @dondeezypgh safe :) still learning!! Ah my bad, missed the other comments before now

dondeezypgh @beeunreal I feel you I'm still learnin to freestyle. I can write but freestyle is a different animal 😎

beeunreal @dondeezypgh Absolutly! Soon come 😘

dondeezypgh @beeunreal 💯 😊

bigmungz Whatever they did they did not fuck a pig 😂 spot on

beeunreal @bigmungz always makes me laugh when people clock that line... performed it with a ukelele and kazoo at a comedy night, shouted that bit rah loud, hahaha, and then 'come on everybody! Fuck the disabledddddddd' had the crowd singing along, aha

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Split minds high freestyle
Beat by gwop
When you're baked AF & decide to talk to yourself while freestyling...#bjornagainstoner


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