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Brapp Beat by @deadott: "Still O.T.T"

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deadott boom!!! respect man cheers for blessing the beat

willyc Boooom respect to you for making it brudda!

barker JheeeZe!!

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deadott My man Ruff kills it each and every time


da_ruff_poet Goodloks@dead_ott



richcarzana all round sickness!


daruffpoet @richcarzana @soulsinger21 @deadott salute

daruffpoet @nonsprod good looks

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mac616 Atlanta
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donefromhell Pakistan


donefromhell @thafamilia the beat is lit !!

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deadott Sickness

kinetiks Respect @deadott

marston I’d repost that twice, beat is killer, how the fuck I miss that, and then there’s the bars, delivery on point that is tip top

kinetiks Cheers bruv. Thought you was MIA on the frontline. Did you check message to the man? Thanks for reposting #marston

marston Optional("")@kinetiks pleasure is mine bro, yeah check the comments, back with that passion bro, love it

micframps Sick mate

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