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Brapp Beat by @critical_music: "Sam Binga - One Six Nine"

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Sam Binga - One Six Nine
Originally featuring the grime vocalist Slick Don, Sam Binga dropped this mighty D&B come grime influenced track on... read more


raad 👊🔥

agzzy I'm gonna hit this with something when I get in from work

agzzy 🔥🔥🔥

critical_music @agzzy 👊🏻

akhash SICK

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eightysix Bezerk ting 😳👏🏽

mcsubliminal Maddddting! Sam binga's beats are always on point too

dreagalaxy Wouiiiiii!!!!

inja @eightysix 👊🏽✌🏽️ @mcsubliminal dam right he's got the heat! @dreagalaxy 👊🏽

ruderalis @inja raaaaa

ptredeyez Crazy!! 💥🔥

rebelaca Going out out!! Sick warp drive flow!! Love the skuff n @inja

gardna Levels bro!!

cushla Love it

engineercooks DOPE. peep the beats.

dubdiggah Sick!

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Beat by critical_music
Drumandbass awesome beat something I wrote when I heard this one I just had too! hope you enjoy it !🙏🏻 massive shouts... read more


klandestyne go on rhyme lyrical delivery getting tight

futurarhymez Cheers dad appreciate it! Glad ya feeling it!🙏🏻

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