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Brapp Beat by @cookiemonstauk: "Orch Grime V9"

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Orch Grime V9
I've been playing around with this tune since yesterday and have loads of versions. This one sounds pretty meaty to... read more


longblu I'm jumping on this

cookiemonstauk @longblu Do it

foreignbeggars @grimeviolinist

grimeviolinist @foreignbeggars I'm onto it!

Videos on Orch Grime V9

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mskal big up !!!!!!! heavy flowwww

mskal share it directly......

longblu Thanks

ptredeyez Braaaaaap! Gun finger

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el_mc_fire Los Angeles
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dwizofoz Brisbane
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oab FYA!

ptredeyez "Just ask your girl who's better. Who gets her wetter!" That kills da dance G respect! @cookiemonstauk is a problem


skinzmann Fireeeee

jfield @skinzmann bless fam aha

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foreignbeggars This s fuckin mad

eightysix It's a Fhukin movie some mad max shit poppin off . BIG

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mskal nice, if you look beats contact me peace ........

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Beat by cookiemonstauk
Quick one take freestyle, few little imperfections but sick regardless! Big up cookie monsta!!!


lrd Yessss

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