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Brapp Beat by @bigshamu: "Crowned"

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flowzunknown That's a big beat, got me vibzing!

bigshamu @flowzunknown cheers bro

lastdoghung Great swing on those hats

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bedroompoet Bangkok
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realjackjordan Norwich

realjackjordan #soul #vocals

kronvika Sorry but this song was nice can i have a full version?

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raad gwaarn emba

bigshamu Big ups

anishbeats Got that Kano flow

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bigshamu Big tings!

lazybeats Thanks brother big track!!!

mrconcept Nice

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boynash Mitcham


raad bars

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drinky Kingham
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quarterthagreat North Chicago


raad dope


dsgryme The flows fluid like water bro

quarterthagreat Gratitude!!! I just figured out how to reply

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penfoldpoet London
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raad i field you