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Brapp Beat by @qapt: "Highwood Ave (2015)... Hit the link my bio for more chunez"

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thebreaks Yes!!

qapt Yessir

boneintell The god is back!

davedoggatkins phatness!!!!!

raad Yes

Videos on Highwood Ave (2015)... Hit the link my bio for more chunez

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So disappointed
Beat by qapt
This beat tho shout out to the real ones #singer #hiphop #brapp #vibes


raad Nice

krafty SMASHED IT!!

thesinger @jolene THIS!!! I’m officially your Brapp groupie

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geebag vibes

bgfrecords Damn, like your flow! DM us on instagram @bgfrecords , wanna bring you some value!

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qapt Dope cypher lol

teyem Haha we were drunk as fuck your beats are dope man

mskal A la bien...

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beeunreal Birmingham

qapt The cadence!

beeunreal @qapt

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raad i dig

qapt Bodybaggs

onetakebeats nice work bro!

boneintell @raad sup fam

boneintell @qapt @onetakebeats

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richie Big up on the beat , real fire

qapt Dope bruh

richie Respect

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