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Brapp Beat by @26beats: "Dream"

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fatdec Leyland

Straight into it
Beat by 26beats
Straight in to it with the freestyle big up 26beats


26beats Big up man !!! thanks !!!

ericofficialz Want more dope beats to rap on check my page

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soulsinger21 East Harlem

albadman Awesome man! Great vocals

nikimukhi Nice!

soulsinger21 @almatic Thanks

soulsinger21 @nikimukhi Thank you

albadman Optional("")@soulsinger21 yeh man killa melody


thesinger Bro this is dope. You and the producer need to get together and finish this. If you need background vocals please let me know.

26beats YES !!!!! We need it, let's collaborate with pleasure. We will be happy to make you Beats

26beats Let's make a song together

soulsinger21 @26beats I’m down. Let’s make it happen

26beats @soulsinger21 Send us a message from our website to agree on an arrangement

thafamilia Yes bro

thafamilia This is sick bro. I got a track I need a hook for. If you like send me your email and I’ll send you the track and if you feeling it we can work

soulsinger21 @thafamilia It’s

soulsinger21 @thafamilia Thanks

thafamilia soulsinger21 I’ll send it over tomorrow . Your voice is unique and your lyrics are inspirational

soulsinger21 @thafamilia Cool I’ll be looking for it looking