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Brapp Beat by @jazzychavo: "Smells money (Prod. by Jazzy Chavo)"

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shayd I just rapped on this LOVE IT SALUTE!!

psyke Love the flow on this beat @jazzychavos Nice!

jazzychavo yow @shayd hit me up on facebook if you are interested on this one! peace!

mick_swagger Poetry in the streets

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vicebeats Dope!!!

caravanerecords Sick ! Check my page for beats 🗿

dotz This is dope shay! Also @jazzychavo sick flip it's the sample necro used in poetry in the streets

jazzychavo @dotz really?? im not a lot into necro's stuff... anyway i found tha sample on some japanese or korean shit i dont even know the name cause it was written in japanese or smthn hahah. peace!!

jazzychavo also props to @shayd !!! aaa ye!!

dotz @jazzychavo yeah check it out you both flipped it in a similar way both are ill

jazzychavo @dotz yeah just checked it n its the sample... i added some synth lead tho haha! appreciate the love man!

shayd Will do!! @jazzychavo

pathjap sexy....................

nebula_beatz poooooooower ! big mc women !!!

docskeng Dope follow me back and check my beats!

zarahjones This bitch tho!!!

mrplusone Another ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

mskal nice flow ......

budhoundz Yo this is niiiiiice 🔥

gig19 Perfect!

taemintekken Good job !! check my beat, I hope you'll like it 😏

cashus 💥

mimindme 👌 can everyone check out my video real appreciated!🔥

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riverfloww Atlanta
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harq @boombapfestival #boombapfestival @mysdiggi @disorda

thebreaks Oh shiiiit

jazzychavo aa ye!

b_clever 🔥🔥🔥

harq Jazzychavo you know I killed it righy

bigsmokinjoe bigbigbigbig

wizdommusic @boombapfestival check my vids 👊🏼

varbena Great stuff dude !!

harq Thanks for all the support keep reposting and watching #thechosenfew

jazzychavo @harq smashed it fo sho!!!

harq 🤑😐😁

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r0p0 Very nice sir @Psyke 🎙🎙

psyke Love this beat! Respect to @jazzychavo

jazzychavo @offtgrid aaa yeeee!

jazzychavo @psyke apreciate that bro! much love from athens city!

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hollyflo GROWN xx

twiggzggg weemzy!!!

jazzychavo haha! aaa yeee!

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koryus 👊🔥