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Videos on The 75th Precinct by mrtakagi

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sambonagazaki Felt Sound Studios

mrtakagi That was epic mate

raad dope 👊🔥💯

docskeng Big up, check out my beats if you can

jodybigfoot Dude

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nikimukhi 🔥🔥

richie 👊🏽

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mrtakagi dope, truly dope

honourstea Blessings bro, the beat is absolute 🔥

raad dope 👊🔥💯

honourstea Love fam 👊🏽

lunarplex Lyrically burned that beat silly blud 👊🏼

honourstea Safe Lunarplex 👊🏽

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mrtakagi Man lives to freestyle!

riche Never written wouldn't know where to start lol 😂!