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Brapp Beat by @benny777blaze: "Saxy BeaT"

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olghank Yaounde

Careless Whispers - George Michael
Beat by benny777blaze
Just wanted to see if i could fit the lyrics on this beat. :))


benny777blaze Dope :) you have a lovely voice

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realjackjordan Norwich

benny777blaze @iamjackjordan whoah! You got a good voice mate. Sounds sick on that want to record a full track?

realjackjordan Hell yeah! Send it my way,

realjackjordan @benny777blaze I'm in the studio tonight wouldn't mind working on this tonight any chance for the beat email is in bio and in the comment above

benny777blaze @iamjackjordan sorry for the delay mate, its on way now. Expect an email from

zarahjones love your style!!

realjackjordan Still no email man everything okay?