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Brapp Beat by @lindenjay: "LONG TIME COMING"

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User @lindenjay's avatar

hank_hiller Got that real nice swing

skillmitchell Loving this, quality!

jyager This is doopppeee

challis_uk Dope beat man

eightysix SMOOOOOD

ninthletta HOLYSHITBALLS!!!


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trinkkets yea

graziella Your my favourite

manifest2050 Still can't sing in tune or rap. Get a day job.

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jyager @lindenjay

sosouthern Jheeez, he's back

jyager @ThePastryMaker big up my g.. Oh for sho we back

al Barnet pars!!!!

jyager @al big up g

lindenjay woiiiiiiiiiii went in

raad Oh yes he's back! BIG UP!! @jyager

jyager @raad oh yeah my brother I'm baaacckkk.. With a brand new Season 2

newancients Sick one G

jyager @newancients blessings bro

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tywhite Pittsburgh
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johaslett I love you x

johaslett This is the best bedtime watch catchup ever! Braaaaaaaap!

sosouthern So sick then lol at the end "ah fuck"

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nikimukhi Dubai

dirtycuts_suavo Superd dooper hard

djevidenz Ooooh weee, too hard !


nikimukhi Big ups @dirtycuts_suavo @djevidenz @zetakay and @lindenjay for that bangin beat x

hank_hiller Crazy!

si_phili Hey bro. Can u mail me pls.

adibanti Heavy sound Niks!!!

nikimukhi Thanks u guys!! Happy you're feeelin guitar vibes! X

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Shoe Horn Gang
Beat by lindenjay
If you haven't got a shoe horn you're blowing it.


silverback U do makes me chuckle brudda

debbie What you think I'm funny like I amuse you!? @silverback


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adibanti @lindenjay Vibes brother!

foreignbeggars This guuuy

foreignbeggars @iamfredcox

jyager This is siiiiiccckkkkk I love this bro

joga dawwn good moove!!!

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