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Brapp Beat by @lastdoghung: "Found Detroit"

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dirtybuckle Nice!!

lastdoghung @dirtybuckle cheers bruv

budabapbeats Dope

lastdoghung @budabapbeats


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tywhite Pittsburgh
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samthomas Sick mate!

charlieb Yeah man.

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thesinger DOPE!!!

miamoisa Cooooooool

thesoulsinger @thesinger Thanks bro. Had to let everybody know I was just taking a break for December but I’m back to business.

thesoulsinger @miamoisa Thank you

geebag This is real nice guys

thesoulsinger @geebag Thanks. Respect

lastdoghung @geebag

quantumatics Wow dope!

braydog4647 This is the best song I’ve heard on this app

thesoulsinger @quantumatics Thanks. Appreciate that

thesoulsinger @braydog4647 Thank you very much. Appreciate the love

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lastdoghung That’s quality

goodbrodatv @lastdoghung Thankyou broda

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Saturday bun day vibes
Beat by lastdoghung
Just a few bars on this beatiful bun day saturdah