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Brapp Beat by @ahurumazda: "No Commercial Shit - (Prod. by Supreme Scientist 7)"

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zarahjones THAS ARD!!!

ahurumazda @raad Salute!

ahurumazda @zarahjones Grand respect

Videos on No Commercial Shit - (Prod. by Supreme Scientist 7)

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ahurumazda Bars!

raad @Larry is a boss

ahurumazda @raad yea he does, straight meds

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larry It ends with I couldn't help but think the synchronistic things was odd, he's says he's sorry for the egotistic path he took but Larry diamond is the same as him he made a crook the diagnosis is the madness is hereditary but Larry doesn't ever doubt the magics legendary

larry It's bars about when I was writing diss bars about my family and my dad phoned out of the blue and apologised for never seeing his kids told me he wasn't a born again Christian anymore and told me he had been diagnosed with hereditary manic depression which I probably would get too ... Thanks dad ahaha but as he was o. The phone I was literally writing bars about it so weird this beat goes hard though and I've never actually memorised them bars so this was tricky as fuk

raad this is amazing

raad @sunstar795 beat is too ill.. @larry diamond got the remedy

ahurumazda @raad Appreciate the looks and fam and yea Diamonds definitely does the justice