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Brapp Beat by @sim: "Sweet Soul"

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domin8tion Jackpot

raad feel good vibes

lastdoghung That's sick as fuck

impro funky fresh as fuck man, big ups!


retro Yo SIM how do I get in touch re: collabo

sim @retro

monstermatt I'd do a whole track to this send the beat?

nikimukhi Holy smokes that's nice!!

samson82 @coryw this is something I can imagine you killing bro!

sim @samson82 @coryw He already has!

thesinger @soulsinger bro this track

Videos on Sweet Soul

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southernquill Jackson

Thought I Told Ya
Beat by sim
“Talk Singing”


sim Beautiful

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thesoulsinger @thesinger NICE BRO

thesinger @soulsinger21 you make my music better with your music. This track is perfect for me too. This one is gonna pop


marston You just can’t teach that, pure soul , bless up brother

thesinger @nonsprod thanks

thesinger @marston thanks bro. I’m trying to be great and soul music is where I am best. Respect


sim It’s all about the feel good

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hannahtobias Norwich

oshansheart Smooth like sade. I really like it


fazeuk Hey ur voice im@chelmsford let's do Suttin

hannahtobias @oshanbeats thanks dude! X

hannahtobias @nonsprod x

hannahtobias @fazeuk yeahh hit me up with a beat you wanna use and we’ll make something x

fazeuk Send me your email or holla

maskamilla Smashing vocals

reemremi Your a star

mrreem Ah yes!

imnotfamous You have anything recorded I’d love to listen to it ?

nglbeats Amazing ! You should check out some of my beats

astropy From Paraguay, you are amazing!!

joe_seeds As always, bringing something beautiful to the beat mate.

nitel_p A W E S O M E!

jrfbbeats If Amy were alive

mrbanks Damn this is dope

normoddity Whoa!

halvcast This is dope homie. Your voice is Hella fire

jpun Beautiful within

User @stealfsoulja's avatar
stealfsoulja Washington


jrfbbeats Please do more raps

stealfsoulja @jrfbbeats oh for sure bruh. Make sure you follow my ig too

jrfbbeats @stealfsoulja I will do

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mulimc Gloucester

Funky Friday
Beat by sim
Somethinf new I wrote this week, was inspired by J coles song 1985. #NewMusic #Brapp #Rap #HipHop #MuluMc


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yarkee Gdynia
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nikimukhi Soo good!!

coryw @Nikimukhi thank you the best is amazing

sim Sounding lovely! Ciren represent.

coryw @sim have you done anything with this track as I would love to finish writing it and put it down if not ?

g3nes12 ILL

coryw Safe g @g3nes12

beatcotheque damn, this is

sim @coryw hit me up on Facebook. Link to my page should be on my profile.

brapp Smooth !

coryw Love @brapp

dotgotbeats This crazy bro

coryw Love g @dotgotbeats

panaromic Can y check out my rap

eclipse76 Pure

mykbuf Beautiful

shrinkmusic holy hell...bro follow me i got old school beats like this you could absolutely kill

coryw Thank you @coolsocks @mykbuf @shrinkmusic

samson82 Loving that sound! Makes me want it to stretch out to a full track! Nice work man!

coryw Thank you @samson82

cypher pretty good

coryw Optional("")@samson82 I think it’s time we make the full song ??

coryw Optional("")@cypher thank you

samson82 Optional("")@coryw would love to hear it man, it's already overdue

coryw @samson82 thank you bro I do love this t

coryw @samson82 thank you bro I do love this t

seflo this is dope!!

coryw Optional("")@coryw @samson82 can you send the beat over I’m bk in the studio

soulsinger21 @coryw Dope

coryw Optional("")@soulsinger21 thank you I appreciate that

User @sneaksmusic's avatar

2019 Take 2
Beat by sim
Tried something different with the delivery


User @tywhite's avatar
tywhite Pittsburgh
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lastdoghung Nice!

dubdiggah Dope

soulconnex Real nice.

justluwi @lastdoghung @dubdiggah @soulconnex thank you!

joe1 Nice

copiusbeats yep, defo feeling this

justluwi @copius thank you appreciate it

murin Клевая

User @bahia's avatar
bahia Malmö
User @dkthebarber62's avatar


bigrema Yes DK :)

bigrema still wanna get u in here bro

dkthebarber62 What u saying Rema

bigrema I'm good man, ill msg u on whatsapp in a bit :)

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elohimreem Charlotte

Beat by sim


chowder_limits ill delivery, @elohimreem !

sim flow is tight!

mrconcept Sick verse man

dubdiggah Dope! One of the voices i can listen 24/7 to.

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illyali Abu Dhabi

sim Dope. Thanks for jumping on the beat.

illyali Good lookin In Sim, the beat is

raad Big ups

illyali Good lookin In Raad!!! It's appreciated

raad UAE represent

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Beat by sim
Monumental’s the label. Brand new bars!


User @bettybeige's avatar
bettybeige England
User @samthomas's avatar
samthomas North Shields
User @marston's avatar

marston @sim cheers bro, beat is awesome

sim Thanks for the love in the bars man. Top freestyles too.

marston Optional("")@sim pleasure is all mine bro, your beats are dope

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lethaldave Leytonstone
User @bedroompoet's avatar
bedroompoet Bangkok
User @bedroompoet's avatar
bedroompoet Bangkok
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pinksorganik Yes man freestyle on point

pinksorganik Vocal chord can't afford a four door ford haha class man

ptredeyez Oiiii my man "doing a handstand "

alleydarklight AU TOP DU TOP

User @keiosxlek's avatar

nebula_beatz encore trop de lsd hahaha

djez très bon flow ça déchire !!

blair_jacob Yeahhhhhhh!!

User @armandolouder's avatar
armandolouder Rio de Janeiro
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isla Brap!

sim Absolutely beautiful

isla Thanks!! Love your beat

isla I have a set coming up soon if you want to send me any full length tracks to work on x

sim Check out my soundcloud and let me know which ones you like. A few have acapellas on but can be easily taken off.

isla Awesome :)

f135t Voice is amazing! Love to work on something

isla @f135t thank you!! Yes up for it

keiosxlek Ouaou !!

f135t @wildflowa send me your email and we can see what we can set up.

sim Just saw your profile, I'm just up the road in Stroud.

isla @f135t sure it's

isla @sim cool I have some friends there I need to visit soon!


twarnkanefm Omg that's sick !! FOLLOWED !

isla Thanks guys!!

twizzy Love this

planky you nailed it !!

djdirt Hey very beautiful girl and voice kiss!!!

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Say Nothin'
Beat by sim
Quick thing over this instrumental, just heard it and had to jump on #hiphop #bars #sim #impro #ukhh #funky


sim thanks for jumping on the track. dope bars. Will be checking out your soundcloud.

impro Nice one man big up on your beats! Yeah please do man, I've just started following you on soundcloud

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Freestyle: by Lozo Musico
Beat by sim To download my EP


sim Dope freestyle will definitely be checking out your soundcloud.

lozomusico Appreciate the Love! This beat is too dope hopefully I can get it on my Future E.P or Album!?

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Chillin' on the breeze
Beat by sim
Spontaneous bars after hearing this beat - wanna write something to this one though!!!


lastlife Such a smooth beat @sim been bangin in my head all day

sim Cheers man. Good to hear you on it.

User @ptheemcee's avatar

sim Top freestyle!

User @staykonked's avatar

Dojo #2
Beat by sim
Some old bars here while I'm working on something else. + Some Overwatch


sim dopeness. Everybody is killing this beat. Might have to make a brapp collective on this one.

staykonked @sim sounds sick g!! Some great talent on here

User @kiogiburr's avatar

timeoutbeats Dope!!

sim Sounds dope. Soulful.

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trickntreat Dubai

Trying to freestyle
Beat by sim
Sick beat. Trying to freestyle. #trick


sim Thanks for hitting up the beat. Nice freestyling

User @crazymindz's avatar

penfoldpoet You owned that riddim

sim So soulful.