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Brapp Beat by @illinformed: "Sloot"

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genghisdaze Again and again!!

oneoz Oooft

illuminative Bang bang!!

verse1 Ur the man thank u so much for liking my video means so much stuck in a shitty flat poor as fuck and I rap hard all day everyday forever writing have albums upon albums worth of material working with the genghisdaze and hope me and him can work with u guys once we get all our shit down , will let u know when I'm in uk keep up ur beautiful beats , sometimes beats speak just as much as lyrics and u and a small handful of producers do that to me , it's so good hip hop saved our lives , big up nuff love

illinformed @verse1 big up g! blesss

kermit banger!

Videos on Sloot

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southernquill Nashville
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goodbrodatv Little Rock
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thebreaks Sick guy

notion Big up on both you muhhfukas that was so ILL

krisisartist @thebreaks @notion thanks Guys I Appreciate the love styll


krisisartist @Quantumatics

fy_knight Need to get spittin again, and to the old school sound. I got some new stuff I'll be posting soon, hope to see you on one of em! @krisisartist

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specialists nassty!

jdogg Feeling this ! This is that real life shit absolute fire g keep it up

marston Dudes a genius with them bars

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theory "... I don't really give a fuck if you fuck with me, I do it for the love of me / I'd say it subtly but you punks'd front like punks do / so let me say it clearly, fuck you"

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