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Brapp Beat by @percyfilth: "In your eyes"

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raad sweg 👊🔥💯

percyfilth Big up @raad

percyfilth Thanks for the shares @brapp @maceymonei @raad @ajhaskyyyy

storietella617 The sound choice. Hitting !!!! Nice work 👊🏾🕶

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percyfilth Dope.

storietella617 @percyfilth thank you beat was dope!!! 👊🏾💯®

mrconcept amazing beat

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dtaeallday San Diego

eightysix The essence of freeyin 👊🏾✊🏾

percyfilth Heavy hit. You got an email I can hit you on please?

dtaeallday my IG is trainregardless

percyfilth Peep your inbox when you get chance please.

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percyfilth Dope homie.

aarondsutton310 Thanks Percy @percyfilth

heartspare nice

heartspare nice

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Romantic bars
Beat by percyfilth
Written in 15 minutes. Learnt in 45. Thought I would schmooze all of yous with some romantic bars. #valentinesday... read more


percyfilth Haha Tilla. Dope.

percyfilth Love the ending.

btol They don't know about these lungs bruv @percyfilth

maceymonei 👉💥

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percyfilth Big up homie. 👽👾

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johndole Whitley Bay

percyfilth Noice.

johndole Thanks man, beats unreal.

kennybaraka respect

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oksemoron Otley

percyfilth Big up homie.

oksemoron Wicked beat man, safe

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percyfilth Yes flames. Big up. 👽👾✌

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nuriel Exeter

percyfilth Big up homie. 👽👾

larry Sick