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Brapp Beat by @ericofficialz: "Lovely (ericofficialz)"

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bigg22 Do you use the loop pedal on this beat man ?

ericofficialz @littlebiggg22 no what's that

bigg22 Loop machine not my side of expertise so not even sure what I'm going on about but sounds cool bro 😜😎

ericofficialz @bigg22 lol sarcastically speaking huh

ericofficialz @bigg22 and appreciate it

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jessiegirl26 😍 fit

beatcotheque Nice flow πŸ”₯

bigg22 πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

bigg22 Optional("")@beatcotheque thank you for noticing πŸ™

ericofficialz Hey I have more beats on my site check it out let’s work