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Brapp Beat by @bl4ckp4rk: "KATANA"

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bl4ckp4rk Arizona

goodbrodatv I got it

Videos on KATANA

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bl4ckp4rk Yea😎cool

rawzaf Thanks 🙏 man.... love your beats💚

bl4ckp4rk that rapp must have record & mix again bro, what you think?

rawzaf Yeah let’s do that. What’s your email 📧

rawzaf @bl4ckp4rk yeah sure...that would be amazing 🤩

bl4ckp4rk , bro ill wait ;)

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bl4ckp4rk Yaaa⚡️⚡️🙌🏿fam

goodbrodatv Yesssssss