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Brapp Beat by @bigsmokinjoe: "TomDickHarry"

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#BoomBapFestival As soon as I get hold of someones iPhone, you lot are gettin the Bars... SICK opportunity. Ta



bigsmokinjoe @jayeff cheers bro

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bigsmokinjoe Sick bro!! Good seeing you too! I’ll head back to brixton soon!!

casualness Haha ‘1st cup of joe ’

casualness Yes bro! U guys smashed it Aus homie too :)

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bigsmokinjoe GWAN VO!! "20 years I been rollin stoned no Mick Jagger!!" BharsKent!! Bring your iPhone here after work!

bigsmokinjoe iller picture than a packet of straights... Jeeeh!! GurtFugginBarrrs!!

cecilmcfarrell You're the first person to pick up on that line bro

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lrd Dope

anime Nice one fella real old lyrics these

bigsmokinjoe yes mate, that was sick

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bigsmokinjoe that's two beats of mine you've bullied! sick! deep content both times too, salute

timeoutbeats Love it!

eightysix Love the honesty of this .

liamgreenmusic @eightysix thanks my brother! Respect