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Brapp Beat by @critical_music: "Foreign Concept - Paper Cha$er (instrumental)"

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Foreign Concept - Paper Cha$er (instrumental)
Originally featuring the vocals from New York's 'Punchline MC' from hip hop group 'Wordsworth', Foreign Concept... read more


foreignbeggars Yo this is cold as fuck shout out @foreignconcept

akhash What a track guys .........

chylez Banger



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bankboy London


bankboy @dsgryme respect my g!

bankboy @critical_music the beat is mesmerising! Top notch!!!

dirtybuckle That's awesome!

bankboy @dirtybuckle thanks fella

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raad I dig

martinzbeats Amazing!

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lrd Sick

lastdisciple @lrd nice one do another to one of yours later fam

lrd Yes bro. I'll look out for that.