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Videos on Riddla - Forgot About Man (Dr Dre) by riddla

User @foreignbeggars's avatar

geebag I love the beef!

chesterp Haha who's riddler man? Beggerz can't have beef surely no!!!

foreignbeggars Ha riddla made the beat I was shouting him out

geebag Shame

chesterp oh I was gonna say nobody would try it would they! I'm not adapted to the unusual way people shout each other out these days pav showing my age! Big up all the same I enjoyed it!

foreignbeggars @geebag I wanna see some sends g!!!

geebag Come again? What u mean

lenten Woooooooiiiiiii

be_00 @foreignbeggars you sendin for a @geebag fam??

sosouthern Jheez barsss, looks flizzo in there boy

riddla Cheese aha this is big

riddla All love out here!

slowz scale! Shout man lol

aemzo Jheeez

atlasbass London have more talent than Paris, tchek this bro

larry So nice

User @jay3's avatar

riddla Ragiiiiiiing ya went in g!


kyu_tracks Sick!

dsgryme Can't forget about @jay3 you know

foreignbeggars wellar

foreignbeggars d

jay3 Appreciate the comments you lot ! Thank you

starseedbeats Awesome !


User @montymontana85's avatar

riddla Went innnnn g

montymontana85 U dun know

lenten Maud maud maud

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