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Videos on Eminem - The Real Slim Shady by josiff

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skandalbeatz yes lad

skandalbeatz yes lad

lordy Optional("")@skandalbeatz Yes brother! #WestMids

skandalbeatz #youKnowww

lordy Optional("")@skandalbeatz what part of Brum town? .. I’m from Telford lolBr

skandalbeatz frankley mate, literally the other side of birmingham by the M5

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josiff Aberystwyth

Lose Yourself Ya Prick👊🏼
Beat by josiff
Had to write something to this!! Considering this track made me wanna make music from day 1! Such a classic...


matka Boom !!

bigg22 🔥🔥BARZ G!

josiff @bigg22 thanks bruddha!! Audio is a bit icky so coulda been better😩 safe tho x

bigg22 Where you based we should link up 🔈🎵🔈

josiff Wales my bruddha, heading shrewsbury soon! But I’m down for travelling my g @bigg22

josiff @bigg2 I’ll holla at you now, it’s Jojo!

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