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Brapp Beat by @jdanproductions: "Neo-Soul Jam"

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barz Wooooooooooooo

jdanproductions Respect @barz

rexhuey Very clean

budhoundz Smooooth!!!!!!

jdanproductions Respect @rexhuey @kryptic3

jdanproductions Be sure to hear the extended version on Soundcloud:

djevidenz Hard

corbakh sweet ! wanna work with you bro

nikimukhi Soo sick!!

jdanproductions Respect @djevidenz @corbakh and @nikimukhi. Also, I'd love to collab bro, HMU

agzillabeats Love this track.. Could spin this when I DJ.. What's it gonna become? Dope.. Zz.

jdanproductions Sure thing @agzillabeats... Thanks man

marston Dasf

Videos on Neo-Soul Jam

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jdanproductions Real nice voice

kiki03 @jdanproductions thank you

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lrd Wooooiiii. . He's gotta jump on one of mine bro.

nabsi Watch bro

jdanproductions Smashed it.... Jheeeeez !!

jdanproductions HMU if you'd like the full beat to complete the track

grjoemusic Yes Elshay gd to see ur face on here don

tweedz Oh lord nah he needs to make to the track

nabsi @tweedz u no!!!

nabsi @brapp

grjoemusic Ouchere that was nice

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v15 Tacoma

jdanproductions Jheez killed it

v15 @jdanproductions thanks for dropping that beat! eargasm

nikimukhi Sick!!

v15 @nikimukhi thank you! Glad you like it!

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poopsidick Bon trip poto ;)

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raad Big up @wheels