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Brapp Beat by @djevidenz: "Sneeze"

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djevidenz Twickenham

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mcase Bishop's Stortford

Beat by djevidenz #uk


djevidenz Big up up bro, big time ! Will most likely post this in my instagram within next few days. Add me so I can tag you on there. Mines @djevidenz

ghost_producer We should collaborate , i have studio and produce beats so either i can rap on beat and leave spaces for your verses ect. Or would be easer if you could send an accapella bpm is no problem i producer so i can make any tempo of lyrics fit any bpm without it sounding like a chipmunk or changing the the pitch

ghost_producer @ghost_producer if your interested on collaborating let me know n ill send my email

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djevidenz Thanks for hitting up the beat

rawzaf @djevidenz