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Brapp Beat by @theurbanizer: "Need vocals for this. HMU"

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Need vocals for this. HMU
Early 2000's sounding jump up, with a little cheekyness. I can take off the Bette Davis sample :P #drumandbass...


b_clever @aggzy would smash this!

b_clever @agzzy would smash this

agzzy Yes I would and I'm about to right now lool

theurbanizer Biguuuuup!

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So good
Beat by theurbanizer
Back to my roots - love singing over jungle/dnb big ups to @theurbanizer for the bad man track #amen #junglist... read more


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b_clever Smashed it brother fair play

agzzy Sweet bruva cheers for the nomination I couldn't really say no lool

b_clever Lol I hear that! You was the best man for the job bro

agzzy Bro thank you means a lot

theurbanizer Buh! Buh!

theurbanizer Nailed. You got some studio stuff down there bruv? We could do this proper ;)

agzzy I ain't got a studio but my pals cousin has one I am due to get in there Coz I've got 3 tracks to get down and if you would like me to pepper this one for ya It would be a pleasure