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Brapp Beat by @tomcaruana: "Soul Plan"

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basista @tomcaruana had a go bro - beat is so dope!

skitz Sick beat brutha!

silverback Caruana always comes thru!

double_s_415 Dope

paslow Beats too cold, check out what I did over this on my page bruh

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nikimukhi Dubai

shotstoppa Nice jam bro. That shred at the end had me smiling!

genghisdaze Compliments the beat perfectly mate. We need to hook up

djevidenz Love it

dizraeli Real lovely- like the bendy shit especially.

drsyntax Lovely stuff!

bro_quest Love it

nikimukhi Big up u guys! @shotstoppa @genghisdaze @djevidenz @dizraeli @drsyntax @broquest !! Loving the love

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foreignbeggars Mo city in the hizzaus


jyager Big up g!!!

jrokkamusic flow chilla

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mssoulstress Thanks

User @paslow's avatar

paslow @tomcaruana love this beat bro