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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Lifted"

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Where's All The Brapp Artists? The Producers Have Been Holding It Up On Here Lately - It's Been Dead!


sicksixet So dope, bare with me

deadott ahhhhh yeeeeeah!!!

timeoutbeats Lol so true, where yall at?

skintman no phone bro!

drskn_ Truth say, I'm a lazy cunt bruh.

ddashred I take that as a challenge

lrd @deadott @sicksixet

lrd @timeoutbeats Producers unite! #CivilWar haha

lrd @skintman @drskn_ the beat is waiting! Haha

timeoutbeats @lrd lmao! We ready

madengo Bruuuuvhhh

grjoemusic I am back

lrd @grjoemusic

grjoemusic Il be brewing one up for this evening

lrd @grjoemusic

jjonas212 nice

lrd @evalazarus

robofjohnson Could listen for hours to thar vocal

ghilburt BEAT

lrd @robofjohnson @ghilburt thank you

elhawk Love this beat

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lrd Too good! What's your email address? I want to send you some music.

hafsa Thanks

quantumatics Very nice

newancients That's a lovely lovely voice

dreadeyefreen wow.

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futurarhymez Yes bruvvaaa nice words!

lrd #Relapse

nikimukhi Loving this!

sicksixet urgh

lastdoghung Skills

sicksixet this one

djevidenz Flow is naughty

ladysanity flowing with that beat nicely!

eightysix THANKS TO @stretchmc @nikimukhi @lrd @sicksixet @djevidenz @ladysanity @lastdoghung @futurerymez And all who have reposted big love MONGO 86

djevidenz Standard. When somethings this sick. You have to re post.

stretchmc Bruv... You're a DON

robofjohnson Mega love for these bars!! Bless up, beautiful beat

eightysix @robofjohnson thanks for your words RESPECTANGLE


rym Different flow bruddah

eightysix @ped

equalmeasure Flows!

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lrd High Art!

fredmerky Siiiiiiiiiiiiick

ladysanity Vibes! Good work

sicksixetbeats @ladysanity @lrd @fredmerky respect guys!

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lrd BIG!

raad Always dope

darksoul @lrd @raad

slowz Hard g nice1

darksoul @shadow

eightysix I'm hearin ya @darksoul @raad ain't wrong. Every time fully on point . Like the honest styles too #HOUSEOFBRAPP this one if ya don't mind

darksoul @eightysix thanks brother means a lot

lrd What's your email brother?


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lrd BIG!

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saloon4s @Larrydeadstock


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sicksixet yh this is ill

ddashred @lrd

ddashred @sicksixet bless !

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Bored at work freestyle
Beat by lrd
High at work. Bored. So I thought I'd hit them with a freestyle. Music is in my veins. Weak bars from my dome. I'll... read more


lrd Off the roof!

ptredeyez Off da dome my donny!

elhawk Best haircut in the biz! The cul-de-sac.

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Bury Competition
Beat by lrd
Wrote these lyrics to this ill beat the homie @lrd just dropped #socal #burycompetition #cantstop #wontstop...


lrd killing it bro. It's a habit now! We're gonna have to get something recorded together soon.

shawesh @lrd I'm in bruh, I'll shoot you an email a little later today. Let's make it happen

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lrd BIG!

sicksixet yup