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Brapp Beat by @seemore: "The Councilor"

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sicksixet Damn!!

djdaredevil Lovely

nebula_beatz full support bruh ! big job on this beat

sicksixet How can i get this g so dope

raad dope

percyfilth Noice.

djevidenz Levels !

lastdisciple so sweet

eightysix YEAH .... just yes

log1n This one is dope !

scottdotty Ill

gamblez Sick

Videos on The Councilor

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sicksixet sweet bruvR @lrd

eightysix GWARN

sicksixet yes bruh! respect @eightysix

koryus yeah broo !

sicksixet thanks g @koryus

sophiejade Woah woah woah

sicksixet Yes!! @sophiejade respect

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tywhite Pittsburgh
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Quick ting look out for more🎼
Beat by seemore
Big up the producer on this, im feeling it.



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foreignbeggars Old Street



madengo @foreignbeggars whoop

drewdude Geechi my bro!

percyfilth Yesssssss.

krupa Yay yah

mrripley JeeeeZ

elhawk This makes me smile.

futurarhymez Yano like dat!!

elhawk *diamond twot.. Unreal. This is the best shit I've seen on here. Pow! Boom! Sock! Whatever the fuck man

browne Bangg

mskal boommm!

foreignbeggars Camp Lo baby

konnykon Is he on here?

bricks holy f***

gezoegreen Boi got bars.... I like

maceymonei ing!

excessivedel Sick bro

raad so good

gezoegreen He #bodied that shit


tribezman_beats Wicked!

boneintell motivation

shrinkmusic man. bars on bars. need you on one of my beats next haha

kylenmusic YOOO. This is filthy!!!

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josiff They hates us because da ainta us sick g

jallen Wasn't even supposed to upload this ffs

jallen Safe tho brawdski

jallen @jojosaama

josiff Here forever now dawg Yo welcome

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rimzartist Shoreditch City Living
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hadi Riyadh

hadi My life has Rap

hadi Black _K

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nickytaurus Doncaster

elhawk I really like this one man.. Great cadence .. Where can I check out more of your stuff

raad HNY my G

foreignbeggars Effortless with it my G happy new year cuz

timeoutbeats Dopeness

nickytaurus Cheers guys, all the best for 2017. @elhawk I'm sure there's bits floating around the net but have always worked more on beats and production, got a free download on bandcamp.. Nicky Taurus and JC present the midnight feast

nickytaurus @foreignbeggars it's my little guilty pleasure! Had my 1st grandchild on Xmas day so still gonna remain schoolin these youngsters lol


domin8tion Dawg

nebula_beatz fiiiiiiiire

dotgotbeats Dope Bro

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syllab Bristol
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Like A Bag Of Rice
Beat by seemore
@see more killed the beat, it's only right that I blessed it with some Barz


eb0nyr0se Ermmmm who is this guy!!!! I've never met this guy b4 ..... this is dope!

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iqgotbeats Dope flow. You should hop on some of my beats and kill them. Follow me #IQGOTBEATS

rasmenelik supreme!

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inovativemc White Cliffs of Dover

Back with Beats & Bike Ride Bars
Beat by seemore
Back with Beats & Bike Ride Bars #zensay #inovativemc


futurarhymez Jehhhhhezus real talk man!!

inovativemc Respect my brother

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yme Belgium

yme Shoutout to #seemore for this sick beat

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jordvnnvthvniel Bristol