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Brapp Beat by @sumgii: "Not Quite Dead By Sumgii"

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User @sumgii's avatar

fordz spat on this g

drzygote Smash

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sumgii 👊

foreignbeggars The kid is ill

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hank_hiller Yeah 🔥🔥

datavelli #sumgii

motman Dope g

rinsulin Heavy

sumgii SICK BRO

datavelli @sumgii dats dat shiiiiit

dosgringos Wow!! One of the best ones I've seen on here!! 👏🏻👏🏻🔥🔥

ellmatic FUCK COLA 👊🏼

hozay Smashed it datty

challis_uk Yeah mate

mrchisti Nicely 👌🏽

mrslipz Killed it

mrconcept 🔥🔥🔥

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Beat by sumgii


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sumgii Killed it G.

fordz @sumgii big ups the ghost Valium beats

silverback @Sumgii came hard with the best @fordz heavy on the mic

fordz @silverback safes g

slowz Arrd bruv

fordz @shadow easy my dargy u been goin in too g

lastdoghung Sick bars and beat. Feelin this

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dosgringos Bad man!