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Brapp Beat by @nonsprod: "Goodbye"

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quantumatics 100 spins of these are probably mine

nonsprod @quantumatics haha ok thank you

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emmarowemro Australia

Beat by nonsprod
A little verse about being there for your mates and loved ones. And yes, that is a wind-up torch taped to MC Croccy... read more


nonsprod nice

bl4ckp4rk Oooh bae, pretty style for my beats, text me message)

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aunty_roo_420 Birmingham

nonsprod thx

diege Pure fire!

aunty_roo_420 @nonsprod love the beat x

aunty_roo_420 @diege thanks

diege @aunty_roo_420 any chance I can use your vocals in the intro upto the drop when I record on this beat?

aunty_roo_420 @diege feel free mate

diege Roo - have you got a local file of this saved? Would love for you to send it across for editting

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nonsprod nice

leomannofficial @nonsprod thank you:) id love to do the whole instru also id change the chorus would you send it to me?

nonsprod dm me if you need

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Despite The Fact Freestyle
Beat by nonsprod
I was feeling this beat so i freestyled may not be my best but i tried!


nonsprod thx

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nonsprod thx