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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Finale"

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Tagging some of the artists I follow on this one! If you've got something for it get involved?


lrd @afrodancapo @sicksixet @longshanks @wish @brightymusic @eatonmusic @tonyceasar @grjoemusic @wukash @lilphobe @scragdiggy @zicoofficial @iamsaintpaul @freedotbee @ptredeyez @zico @harq @shawesh @morell @officialsevere @skintman @krisisartist @generallevy @verbo @mrharryangel @emceegoldy @nabsi @kaligrafi @retro @ukmillz @shadow @dsgryme @resone @liamgreenmusic @darksoul @vital0 @embaone @buckethatjack @phizi @shotstoppa @paslow @tdaly @konnykon @chesterp @eightysix @rinsulin @mcsubliminal @vard @flack @miccalibre @kalserousz @loudmouthmelvin @hoycke @cepheusink @kingpin @nikimukhi @foreignbeggers @gigi88 @ayahmarar @alia @stretchmc @hazelkari @younghector @monique @elliemgriffiths @jnotes @hafsa @bela @elshay @agzzy @zarahjones @joeblow @jackchard @mcprincewayne @raqueldivar @_grizzly_barnes @gillymusik @grimeviolinist

browne Drums are sounding tastyyy

3mb4 sikkk

mcbluntos HUGE BEAT

lrd @browne @mcbluntos @embaone

dsgryme Big track bro

lrd @dsgryme thank you bro! Gotta get you on something else soon.

adah Wavey beat

lrd @itspuppah you got something for it?

adah @lrd when I kick from work I'll do a little suttin over it

jonb1 this is fucking too much. crayzee

tu_manic Boom !!!

lrd @tu_manic respect bro! You got some bars for a vid on this one?

tu_manic Yeah man just need to find the right bars for it thanks for the compliment bro !!!!

skintman Struggled to find the right bars for this sick beat bruddah

fredmerky oiiiiiiiiiiii

tu_manic Done bro it's on my page :))

tu_manic Can you sort a repost ? trying to get more recognition going if not no worries, that Beat tho ... :)

ped Had to jump on this man

deadott lrd ruling brapp right now!

jdanproductions Love this beat... Fully waved it off fam

lrd @deadott @jdanproductions

jonb1 SICK

inverse Sick vocals

marston This beat is I’ll

Videos on Finale

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monsieureone Fire !

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farout This is hard!

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ped Safe @lrd

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che_ach Safe ceas

lrd respect brother!

che_ach Respect @lrd dope beats!

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lrd BIG

tu_manic Boom!!!!!

zico NICE

verbo Safteeyy lads

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sicksixet bang!

eightysix Hearin ya

freedotbee what man like west_t... went in fam

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futurarhymez Yes bro! them lyrics are wicked ! @zico

zico @futurarhymez thank you man!!

zico Haha candlelight vibez

futurarhymez No worries dude!!haha was wondering what that was looked dope still. @zico

lrd Flow BIG!!!

zico Respect @lrd! The beat is sick!!

arturo NorT as per brother!

zico Respect @arturo!

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che_ach Nice bro!

freedotbee Nice one bro @evvyitter appreciate the love!

lrd this ain't no finale!

iomega Sick - lrd

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lrd killed it!

futurarhymez Yes bro!!! Wicked lyrics real talk!

madengo Ill beat - bless flow - formidable combo @lrd @liamgreenmusic

che_ach Fiyaaaa!

lrd @evvyitter get involved bruv

sicksixet dope, bang!

liamgreenmusic @lrd beats are all fire! Respect for the love! @futurarhymez @alexnstewart @evvyitter @sicksixet

che_ach Safety bro @liamgreenmisic on it @lrd

anishbeats dope

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jjonas212 sick bro

iamsaintpaul @sixsixet wordplay is mad!

sicksixet @iamsaintpaul i beg u put somethin on 'never forgotten' bruv

sicksixet respect @alexnstewart @jjonas212 @lrd <3

sicksixet ps nice one g @iamsaintpaul

skintman big

User @da_ruff_poet's avatar

lrd Back at it! Part 2 coming????

da_ruff_poet For sure!!!

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lrd Respect bro!

ped Safe man sweet beat yano

ped @lrd

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ramneek gud


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Bread and butter
Beat by lrd
Out of time? Probably just this phone fuck it..... #bars #lrdbeats #lyrics #boombap #brapp #wheredaweedat


futurarhymez Yes bro!!

viciouscreep damn!


skintman safe g's

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pinksorganik Big ups @lrd on the beat


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eightysix Yes breadbin happy waynesday .

lrd delivery is

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#highassfreestyle 4/19/16
Beat by lrd
Lol I got cut off saying "....I'm a rhyme pro!" .....real talk I woke up and saw LRD said to jump on. So I figured... read more


lrd off the dome!! Killed it

futurarhymez damn! This is some dope stuff for real!