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Brapp Beat by @lrd: "Dreaming"

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Understand The Versatility #LightWork


ortizart Smooth AF.


ortizart Real MUSIC.


eightysix PROPPA

lrd @ortizart @sin @jonb1 @eightysix Respect.

lrd @gigi88 you think you can do anything with this?

gig19 YESSSS sick! I'd already saved it to my file! It's beautiful! Gettin onit now! @lrd

lrd @gigi88

lrd @elshay what's your email bro?


mcbluntos smooth. Been checking your stuff. Sick talent g

broomesy This my venting 007! jheeez

jaydoom This is quality!

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Beat by lrd
First brapp in a minute. 2016 lets get it. Big up the Fam. TB TB TB #Cashcobain #brixx #blazing #blazers #hiphop... read more



miwobeatz Sick

mskal +1

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For @lrd beats. Homework break
Beat by lrd
#freestyle #lrd haven't finished scrolling thru ur page yet. #playinground #brapp


lrd Smashed it.

deepstar This is reeeeal good!

zarahjones love it!

moniquehoney Gee thanks guys! Wasn't expecting that! Lol

illdando So dope!

budhoundz Niiiiiice

sicksixet @lrd we need to get monique on the wave .....dope

mskal so cool

lrd What's your email address? Would like to get you on some tracks if you're interested.

moniquehoney Thanks heaps guys! @lrd yeah sure. Would love to. It's

deckeegan The new Caro Emerald in the making ..

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gig19 Hahaha thank you LRD! It's x

lrd Just emailed you.

harvsletoad Super dope

foreignbeggars Love that

gig19 Thank you very much @foreignbeggars

djevidenz Real pro !

gig19 Thank you v much @djevidenz

djevidenz Your welcome. Keep it up

sicksixet heavily dope

gig19 Thank youuuuu @sicksixet

sicksixet LRD told me there's a possibility of us all working on something

joker_starr Amazing


mutare_music That tone!! Damn!! Be interested to hear you on some of my material

timeoutbeats Wow! Amazing talent!

raad love it

gig19 Thanks so much!!! @timeoutbeats @raad @reemremi @joker_starr @mutare_music

gig19 Thank you v v v much @graciegrey

officialsevere Smashed it! Let's work

gig19 Thank you ! Yes let's ! @officialsevere

trav Killin it

iomega Fit

gig19 Wicked! Got it! @lrd

emceegoldy Hey would love to make a track together? Feature you on some Australian hip hop? @gigi88 @lrd you guys wanna colab together / work something out with a beat and hook, I'll write some verses? Could be real nice

elaymusic I love your voice @gigi88

gig19 Oh thank you so much @elaymusic I really appreciate that xxx

elaymusic @gigi88 you're welcome, I'd buy your album no doubt about it!!

djekyl Chart

theurbanizer I just melted.

gig19 Hehe thank you @theurbanizer

brokenlandbeats Damn girl

bankboy Love it girl... beautiful! You and your voice... and your swag x

jagan Big Up outta Belgium...Love & Respect...Blessed

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foreignbeggars Oooooooooooooi love that

sonnyjim Sick

lrd Gotta get some more from you bro. Straight every time.

eightysix Still one the strongest brapps to date .

darksoul @eightysix thanks brother means a lot

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morrell My G

jjonas212 This is sick

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Bedtime freestyles
Beat by lrd
No chance to catch the shut eye if I have lyrics switched on... So ima get it out to get to bed... #ird #freestyle... read more


lrd Soulful. Respect for this


trav Your shirt is my comment

jannahbeth Haha smooth @trav

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lrd Respect brother! This is hard.

fredmerky DOPE.

juksy REALY GOOD !

lrd Just listened to this again. Schooling rappers with this bro.

ukmillz Thanks bro @lrd I appreciate that. Hard beat

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jonb1 YES! This is real.

lrd Killed it bro!!