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Brapp Beat by @dosgringos: "DOS GRINGOS - CRUMB SNATCHING FUCKERS"

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ruski ohh gosh

joeshire Beastly

kaligrafi Beats fuego had to drop a verse big up

jazzychavo yes man! thats what im talkin about! pure golden era!

geebag Rugged never smooth


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Krafty - Back Again (freestyle)
Beat by dosgringos
Ay, this fucking beat is so sick that it might as well be stuck to the pavement on a Sunday morning, ya feel me?... read more


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joeshire yes akeezy - goin in as per!!!

raad sick

nikimukhi Heavy

saulthesame yuhyuh heatyyy

dosgringos Yes Bruv ,that was sick! ratings!

kaligrafi Big up man, beats illy!

chazaap Finally he's here!

foreignbeggars Yaao

kaligrafi @foreignbeggars thanks for listening g big up!


casablanca This is heavy yo!

dosgringos Yo we need to get some beats to you G!

kaligrafi @dosgringos415 yo no doubt man! Drop me an email g big up


bricks GHEEEZ

ashtheauthor Jamming with the cantina band! Jheeeez

remulak This is heavy @kaligrafi

harvsletoad Remind me of ice kid m8

tommyjr big.

User @ashtheauthor's avatar

dosgringos Yo that was ill G ,big up , wanna hear more from u G

dosgringos Liking the Mexican references

ashtheauthor Safe g hit me up on Facebook! @dosgringos415


flowtecs #TMZ

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eightysix Chemically correct

dosgringos That was ill son! Donald trump on a come down lol

freedotbee fire. Maad flow

prysds @dosgringos415 should hear the line after bro haha #reasontocopthealbum

dosgringos Respect ,will def check that out mate


phizi Hard

viciouscreep blaooow

dreadeyefreen bloodclart sickness

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hollyflo Hard skinned like a manakin.....BARZ big up xx

jazzychavo yeah baby! ruffnek! buk buk buk!!!

ptredeyez Big big!!

eightysix WOAH !! PROPPA

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