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Brapp Beat by @cyphercircuit: "Murder The Beat: Montclair by @tabinstereo"

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Murder The Beat: Montclair by @tabinstereo
Can you Murder The Beat? Upload an Instagram video (Monday-Friday) for the chance of a repost on Cypher Circuit, plus... read more


Videos on Murder The Beat: Montclair by @tabinstereo

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itznickybruh Philadelphia
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southernquill Nashville
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elohimreem Charlotte

Numero culture
Beat by cyphercircuit


leonfyah Fresh

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doclee Last line was for my son. If you didn't like it oh well. That's my man!!!

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nifty Woah my god!


elohimreem 4yr old spinning on my own axis!? Crazy!!

da_ruff_poet Good looks

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timeflexbeats East Lyme
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dirtybuckle Perfect combination - dope beats and dope bars.