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Brapp Beat by @djevidenz: "Musk Flustered"

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Beat by djevidenz
This is an old track I wrote...sounds wayyy better on this beat than the fast version I did 6 years ago BIG UP FOR... read more


djevidenz Yes yes!! So glad you finally got to bless one of my beats. Big up

zarahjones I'm flattered! Thank you

nikimukhi Sick guys!! @zarahjones @djevidenz

zarahjones Cheers!

djevidenz @nikmukhi. Thanks bro.

newancients I was feelin' this one! Awesome!!

zarahjones Thanks guys!!

zarahjones @strictlyladies most appreciated

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djevidenz Big up to tha youth !! Nice one

djevidenz Great to hear a kid say ' I do work Coz I'm an early bird '. Plus ' bird ' in England means ' girl '. So it fits well